Maximize Online Exposure By Integrating Social Media On Your Website

Maximize Online Exposure By Integrating Social Media On Your Website

While you may be working hard to optimize and promote content on social media, there could be an integration aspect that is missing — your website. Incorporating social media on your website is an essential part of brand awareness.

According to a 2017 BrightLocal study, Facebook is one of local consumers’ top most trusted places to get online reviews. With this impressive statistic, why wouldn’t you do everything possible to put channels like Facebook at the forefront of your business?

Everyone who visits your site should be able to easily find Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn channels and quickly share your content while getting the latest updates. Maximize your online exposure by getting started with these top three fundamentals.

Embed Live Feeds.

You have probably seen websites that display social media snippets with the latest updates. Usually located in the footer or sidebar, these live feeds give visitors a snapshot of what you’re posting. There are functions that make it easy for users to reach your page with one click or simply scroll through posts.

If you still aren’t swayed, consider this bonus — streaming social media on your website improves organic SEO growth. Google notices when content is updated and picks up on your profiles to determine specific factors for ranking on search engine result pages. Although highly recommended, if you aren’t keeping up with regular updates, it could be a negative mark for Google. In short terms? Don’t skip out on this crucial combination of tools.

Include Share Buttons.

If simple and easy are the keys to a pleasant user experience, then social share buttons must be included on your website. Choose a plugin that allows people to share your company’s content with one button click — a powerful action!

Make sure share buttons are placed in smart locations, instead of seemingly random spots that don’t correspond with the content. Some examples include:

  • At the end of a blog post
  • On a landing page promoting a specific product/service
  • Sign up pages for ebooks, newsletters, or webinars.

User Logins Through Social Media On Your Website.

Does your website have an account creation feature for users? Maybe you have an e-commerce site or are a real estate agency with listings. If consumers are making accounts through your website, allow them to log in through their social media. It’s a seamless process because most people will already be logged into a Facebook or Twitter, so it’s one less step to complete. Make the user experience as effortless as possible to ensure fewer leads are lost along the buying path.

Get Help From An SEO Agency.

As a marketer, you are most likely tied up with coordinating events, ordering marketing materials, and developing branding strategies. We understand the dedication required to market your business, and we’re here to help you every step of the way. Contact Leoserv to learn more about social media marketing and SEO techniques catered to your industry and company’s needs.