Healthcare Marketing Solutions

Healthcare Marketing Solutions

At Leoserv, we know all about the increasingly competitive, consumer-driven healthcare marketplace. Our integrated marketing and social media solutions give our healthcare clients maximum visibility among the sea of experienced professionals. Our team stays abreast of healthcare-specific marketing trends and solutions so that you can focus on your patients and provide quality healthcare. We offer customizable solutions for hospitals, doctors, assisted living facilities, medical devices and products, labs, research, and education.

What are the key benefits of targeted healthcare web solutions? 

  • Attract more patients and high-quality doctors
  • Give the public easy access to the information they need
  • Engage your patients with added value
  • Enhance your expertise
  • Increase exposure for your organization and brand

We know you’re busy–healthcare professionals are constantly seeing patients and consulting with doctors. Connect with your local community and local market continuously while you are busy treating your patients.

Our marketing and web design solutions continue to work behind the scenes so you and your staff can focus time and talent on the best care for each patient, every day.

We’ll Help You Fall In Love With Your Website

We’ll Help You Fall In Love With Your Website

Your website is a representation of your credibility and business profile. We specialize in creating web designs that build a strong and durable web presence that delivers true results. We can help convert your ideas and concepts into an online reality.

We build websites with:

-> Audience research and discovery – Gathering all final specifications of your project, an in-depth research of the field, market pool, and target population, establishing a strategy to best accomplish your goals within budget and time frame, and conception of your website’s sitemap.

-> Responsive design for smart devices and systems – Make website mobile / tablet friendly, design for small screens (compact, vertical scrolling design), simple navigation, thumb-friendly buttons, easy to read font without having to zoom in or to rotate the phone / tablet.

-> Visually appealing and easy to use for newer generations – Reuse and migrate the theme of your website including color scheme, navigation, general look and feel , customize design of your website based on the layouts and structures, integration of latest front-end web technologies for enhanced user experience and industry features to reduce bounce rates, and call to action hooks throughout your website for lead capture & conversion rates.

-> Social media integration for dynamic content – Create a social media marketing strategy, prepare guidelines for status updates, custom pages, backgrounds, and branding, ongoing support, market changes education, integration of social sites and profiles for one click management, integrated real-time updates from Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, and blog feeds. 

-> SEO-friendly – Onsite optimization with keywords, meta-tags & titles, website content writing with site map help, keyword research and dynamic content strategy, local marketing including keyword research, content writing and media management, PPC campaign management

-> Content management system for self-publishing and self-managing – Integrate back end WordPress to self-manage and self-publish content (text, images, videos), single sign on to manage website and blog, manage keywords on pages, posts, and images for search engine optimization.

-> Content writing and brand management – Website content writing with onsite optimization, blog post writing, social media posting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+,  newsletter email blast, Facebook promotions and LinkedIn sponsored updates, monthly reports with website, social media and newsletter analytics, quarterly meeting to discuss strategy, analytics and future strategies. 

-> Maintenance, hosting with ongoing training and tech support – Hosting 20 GB space, 20 GB bandwidth, software, plug-ins upgrades, fix packs, security patches, weekly data and application backups, Google audit checks, fix site index errors and submit to the console, 404 redirects, monitor crawlers, emails left on domain / as is, ongoing technical support, website stats & real-time traffic analytics.


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Is Your Website Attracting New Generation Clients?

Is Your Website Attracting New Generation Clients?

Your website tells the story of your company’s brand and its core values, mission, and service promise. If your web design isn’t attractive, why would anyone stay on your website? If users aren’t being motivated to easily purchase your products and services, they will leave your website and select another company from the thousands of others competitors.

You have only a few seconds to impress a new visitor and make them stay on your website. Is your website easy to navigate? Can someone easily find what they’re looking for? Is your contact info on the front page? We have all website optimization tools that you need to implement your site to rank.

Innovative & Optimized Web Design

Our creative designers have the industry experience to build a website that not only looks amazing, but also uses effective search engine optimization techniques. By integrating strategies like social media marketinglocal marketing, and link building, your website will begin to generate leads and directly impact your sales and bottom line.

How can an optimized web design benefit your business? 

  • Increase search engine visibility
  • Brand awareness
  • More potential customer conversions
  • Generates leads
  • Gives a face to your company
  • Establishes your company as an industry leader
  • Product and service awareness
  • Drives higher sales conversion rates
  • Maximizes your ROI

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