Award Winning Graphic Solutions by Leoserv Inc. We specialize in edgy, innovative, eye catching designs and marketing materials.


At Leoserv , we believe that first impressions last the longest. Our logo services incorporate unique design concepts that can translate your vision and ideas into a unique, one-of-a-kind logo. Our approach is quite simple: To separate our clients from the crowd with smart thinking, sound strategy and solid innovations. Our aim is to help your business climb to new heights, that’s why our logo services are offered with the highest degree of experience and dedication available.


We are very proud to offer professional postcard, flyer & print design that sets you apart. We specialize in edgy, innovative, eye catching designs and marketing materials that has made a growing graphic and printing provider, both locally and nationwide. We strive and aim to offer the best customer service in the industry while being a one stop shop for all your printing needs. Leoserv is quickly setting a new standard for service and affordability in the graphic design market and also for quality printing strategies and marketing.


Leoserv specializes in high-quality presentation design services. Branded for you, our slides tell your story in a memorable and persuasive way. Each of our clients, regardless of size, receives our best quality work and white glove service. attention to detail and passionate commitment to producing top-quality PowerPoint presentation designs that generate high-impact results. We have the ability to provide our clients with a wide range of professional graphic services. Whether you need a PowerPoint presentation for a client or a professional sales rendering, Leoserv has you covered.


Leoserv offers a range of custom stationery design services to suit your needs. We offer a wide range of Print Stationery Design Services so that your business has the right professional marketing exposure with excellent designed Business Cards, Letterhead, Envelopes, and Corporate Folders. From startups and individuals to established corporations. From a simple logo to get up and running, to a complete rebrand of a corporate identity. We are here for you.


As the technology era relies more on digital systems such as web, smartphones, tablets, and social media, the viewer’s attention has become a high priority in marketing. Leoserv has bridged the gap in breaking through motion graphics prouction from animated graphics to logo clips, lower thirds, overlays, broadcast packages, 3D & 4D motion graphics and more. With Motion Graphics in video marketing, Leoserv has become one of the top industry leaders in working to create avenues of communicating to your target audience. Whether you are a small or large business, we can help you explain your business in under 2 minutes with custom animation. We create unique, HD-quality video graphics that sell your product, service or idea. So check out some of our samples videos or read our testimonials.


Audiences prefer to see your story, rather than read it. In today’s information age, high-quality infographics are 30 times more likely to be read than textual articles. Leoserv offers a range of custom infographic design services to suit your business needs. Let us help you in promoting your business through high quality infographics that your target audience will love to share. Whether for editorial, scientific, or marketing purposes, these graphics allow for visual storytelling that is both informative and engaging. We are here to take care of your custom Corporate illustration needs. We stand by the idea that all infographics should be a lot better than they would have been as a normal design or we offer a money back guarantee.