Leoserv has been a trusted mobile software developer, partner, and consultant to hundreds of client’s since we opened our business doors. Our team excels at taking unique and complex technical concepts into strategic implementation. We develop exceptional mobile applications for clients throughout the globe whether government entities, businesses, non-profits or startups. With the standard software life development cycle, Leoserv uses strategy to user experience in designing, visual design, and engineering in both waterfall and agile methodologies. Thus we excel with the ability to design and build unique and distinctive mobile applications quickly and cost-effectively.

Our primary focus is to assist our clients to tactically develop and market their organization’s app or app idea. We concentrate on mobile app development as well as mobile websites and mobile marketing solutions. Mobile Applications Ideas are increasing in demand in all technological mediums but with our Leoserv team development and strategy, we will help accelerate and simplify your app idea and create a stunning mobile app for your business. We are here to help every step of the way without interrupting your vision, but rather we will develop, deploy and market your new mobile app and provide technical support even after we publish and launch your app to the world. Click the button below or click here for ONE-TIME MOBILE APP PRICING

Mobile App Marketing

Please note: The table below does not include app development pricing.


$1799 /month
  • Hosting + Setup
  • Weekly Maintenance
  • Optimized Keyword Research
  • App Store Optimization
  • 48 [5PR] Press Release
  • 24 Blogs
  • 800+ Social Bookmarkings
  • 12 Slideshow Submissions
  • 12 PDF Submissions
  • 12 App Review Submissions
  • Video Promo Submissions
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$1299 /month
  • Hosting + Setup
  • Bi-Weekly Maintenance
  • App Store Optimization
  • 24 [5PR] Press Release
  • 12 Blogs
  • 400+ Social Bookmarkings
  • 6 Slideshow Submissions
  • 6 PDF Submission
  • 6 App Review Submissions


$699 /month
  • Hosting + Setup
  • Monthly Maintenance
  • 12 [5PR] Press Release
  • 6 Blogs
  • 200+ Social Bookmarkings
  • 3 Slideshow Submissions
  • 3 PDF Submission
  • 3 App Review Submissions