Stacy Egbo is an acclaimed gospel artist whose soul-stirring music has touched the hearts of millions, transcending borders and uniting people through the universal language of faith and love. She has become a beacon of hope with her heartfelt passion and unwavering dedication, reaching hearts and souls across the globe. More than her inspirational melodies, she is a multifaceted powerhouse—a missionary, philanthropist, nurse, motivational speaker, conference organizer, influencer, mentor, mother, loving wife and caring grandmother.

On a mission to spread love and healing, Stacy has embraced over 30 countries, showering them with compassion and care, uplifting people emotionally and physically. Her steadfast commitment has earned innumerable accolades from her local community and beyond.

Stacy has graced legendary stages, sparking inspiration and joy. From Africa Day Houston to Lakewood Church, Global Energy Summit in Houston, Texas, to the Presidential House in Aso Rock, Nigeria, and the revered World Health Organization in Sweden—her voice has resonated powerfully.

Performing with gospel greats like Micah Stampley, William McDowell, and Israel Houghton, she elevates spirits with every performance. But Stacy’s impact goes beyond the stage. Her philanthropic efforts have left lasting impressions on communities worldwide, from restoring a church in Belize to establishing a widows program in Mandela Village, Rwanda, and founding a free healthcare facility in Southeast Nigeria.

In her new book, “The Winning Thoughts,” Stacy shares her incredible experiences, transporting readers to the mission field and uplifting souls through vividly narrated miracles performed by Jesus.

Remaining grounded, Stacy cherishes her roles as a loving wife to Pastor Tony Egbo and mother to their five biological children. Their compassionate hearts have also grown their family through adoption, embracing Willie, Sherrine, and Faith, and bringing endless love and joy. As a grandmother to Eva, Ciana, Noah, and Joella, Stacy’s legacy of love and faith will be cherished for generations to come.