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We are a Leading Digital Marketing Agency specializing in SEO, PPC, Web Design, Social Media Marketing, Business Branding and Promotional Video marketing. 

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We Offer a Wide Variety of
Digital Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization

Marketing is different today than just 5 years ago and being on the 1st page of Google can truly help you reach even more potential customers. Let Leoserv help you get started today.

Promotional Video Marketing

If you haven’t started video marketing yet, now is the time. Leoserv provides video marketing with the effectiveness of traditional marketing that captures and keeps your audience's attention.

Website Development/Design

We just don't build websites. We build your business. Having an effective website is an opportunity to make a great first impression while communicating with consumers.

Print/Media Graphic Marketing

Need a logo, flyers, letterheads, standing banners, and any print media? We can help your business stand out while reaching an even wider audience locally and digitally.

Social Media Marketing/Advertising

Increase your engagement, get more online members and followers. We can help you create communities instead of markets which allows you to feasibly share your message.

Business Branding & Creative Services

Your brand is who you are as an organization at a very basic level. We can help create or strengthen your brand so that it can have exponential influences on your target audience.

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We provide everything you need to compete and win online

We’re a high-performing team that’s passionate about helping our clients build their businesses. One thing that is unique about Leoserv is that we possess a combination of both talent & technology. We know our stuff and believe transparency, simplicity, and integrity is the right way to do business. 

Countries Worldwide

As of 2020, we have succeeded in helping businesses in 17 countries build a stronger, more profitable online presence. The time is NOW and our team can lead you there too.

Happy Customers

Since we opened our business doors over a decade ago, we have acquired a trail of satisfied customers that modernized and monetized their business marketing successfully from top to bottom.

// our client testimonials

Real client testimonials from
15+ Countries Worldwide

Emilia Clarke
Texas Chamber Of Commerce
Government Organization
"Very well thought out and articulate communication with the Leoserv team. They helped us achieve clear milestones, deadlines and effective marketing products with quick results."
Emilia Clarke
University Of Houston
Educational Institution
"Jeremiah and the Leoserv team were always keen on solving our problems while providing orginial and valuable ideas!."
Emilia Clarke
Religious Organization
"With over 50+ parishes working with Leoserv and the Live Faith Media team, we are extremely satifised and I speak on behalf of all RCCG clients!."
Emilia Clarke
Sofi Health - Canada
Healthcare - Canada
"Helped revamp our web marketing including social media platforms. We were able to see instant results from the work Leoserv team is doing."
Emilia Clarke
Ripen Marine Ltd
International Oil & Gas
"As an international company based in in the UK, we were dead set on going with a local company in the UK, but having Leoserv as our branding agency is the best marketing decision we've made."
Emilia Clarke
Bamboo Sports Medicine
Sports Medicine Facility
"I would recommend Leoserv as I have been doing to my network. The greatest piece is building a customizable plan that fits our budget here in Thailand."
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Customized Solutions for Unique Businesses

We have worked with all sizes and types of businesses in the world: Fortune 500 companies, churches, startups, divorce lawyers, personal injury attorneys, DWI lawyers, oil & gas companies, commerce professionals, import & export shipping, dentists and plastic surgeons, and many more. We have produced results and would love to share them with you. Every industry has its own defining characteristics and we can help you get to the top. 

We have even made our pricing and estimates as stress-free as possible. Name your budget, and we will create your very own package for you!