At Leoserv Inc. we have dedicated our commitments to customers and clients from all over the world. From building a conglomerate corporation's web application overseas to building a website for a local lemonade stand, our resources are truly unlimited. Our mission is to create a cohesive brand across all print, digital, and media channels. We desire to help our clients stand out in crowded markets, build awareness, and increase productivity.

10+ Years In Business

7000+ Projects Completed

600+ Active Customers

What we do



What Keeps Our Business Up and Running?

Leoserv Inc. has consistently demonstrated the ability to bring out quality in branding, marketing communications, public relations and other disciplines to deliver communication solutions that work as components of the client’s overall brand strategy. We are affordable and our aim is to optimize your success.



Web Hosting Made Easy Now!

Choosing a web hosting service can be a confusing task with so many web hosting providers offering similar services.  We provide fully managed, single-tenant hosting for the highest levels of performance. We help businesses and organizations create amazing digital work and help make a strong statement on the Internet.


Your brand and identity speak volumes?

Whether your competitors fail or succeed isn’t an important factor to your success. We specialize in unique conception, strategy, social media, advertising, public relations, marketing, and general operations for creative business branding. We use these creative concepts to allocate unique plans of action in areas of opportunity for your business or organization. In order to get your message across to your target audience, you need outstanding, creative branding that speaks to your clients and sets you apart. With affordable plans and packages, we equip you with tools for success.

Why Choose Us?

Client Security & Trust
Experience safe web services, with our advanced web security database.
Creative Integration
Our aim is to showcase your vision artistically in the greatest light possible.
Optimized Services
We’re innovative and go above the standard to give our clients optimal results.
Flexible Business Solutions
Collectively our comprehensive knowledge always finds ways to success.
Engaging Client Support
You can contact our offices directly from your very own personalized client portal.
Budget Friendly Packages
We provide high-quality products and services at an affordable price.