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We Offer a Wide Variety of
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Search Engine Optimization

Improve your marketing game in today's digital age. With Leoserv, boost your online presence and reach more customers by ranking on Google's first page.

Promotional Video Marketing

Get started with effective video marketing that captures and retains your audience's attention. Choose Leoserv and take advantage of the power of video marketing today.

Website Development/Design

Choose our human expertise for a business-success focused website. Get more conversions and results by leaving AI and DIY sites behind. Let us help you achieve success.

Print/Media Graphic Designs

Print & Graphic Designs are still effective! From logos & office envelopes to banners & billboards, Contact us right away for your Print & Graphic needs.

Social Media Marketing/Advertising

While A.I. tools and online resources exist, nothing beats a human touch. Let us help create effective social media strategies that engage and attract human customers like you.

Event Marketing & Publicity

Maximize your next event's success (in-person or virtual). We'll get you sponsors & boost attendance with our effective event marketing & publicity. No more out-of-pocket expenses!

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Real client testimonials from
15+ Countries Worldwide

Emilia Clarke
Texas Chamber Of Commerce
Government Organization
"Very well thought out and articulate communication with the Leoserv team. They helped us achieve clear milestones, deadlines and effective marketing products with quick results."
Emilia Clarke
University Of Houston
Educational Institution
"Jeremiah and the Leoserv team were always keen on solving our problems while providing orginial and valuable ideas!."
Emilia Clarke
Religious Organization
"With over 50+ parishes working with Leoserv and the Live Faith Media team, we are extremely satifised and I speak on behalf of all RCCG clients!."
Emilia Clarke
Sofi Health - Canada
Healthcare - Canada
"Helped revamp our web marketing including social media platforms. We were able to see instant results from the work Leoserv team is doing."
Emilia Clarke
Ripen Marine Ltd
International Oil & Gas
"As an international company based in in the UK, we were dead set on going with a local company in the UK, but having Leoserv as our branding agency is the best marketing decision we've made."
Emilia Clarke
Bamboo Sports Medicine
Bamboo Sports Medicine
"I would recommend Leoserv as I have been doing to my network. The greatest piece is building a customizable plan that fits our budget here in Thailand."